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JULY 11 & 12 - Sherman Oaks


We are hosting a two-day physical theatre intensive this summer with artists visiting from the world-famous conservatory and theatre company Dell'Arte International. 

Dell'Arte has a 47-year history of ensemble practice and physical theatre.


We are extremely excited to be in collaboration with these particular teaching artists. The fact that we are able to expose our students here in Los Angeles to this rare opportunity - to such specific and important training at such a young point in their careers - is thrilling to us. To have Dell'Arte training on your resume as a teenager is very unusual!


The intensive is offered only for high school students ages 14-18.

July 11 (5:00-7:00pm) and July 12 (4:30-6:30pm) in Sherman Oaks.

This group will only be open to a maximum of 30 students.  

The class price is $125. 

Enrollment is limited and registration will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis!  To register, fill out the form at the link and send payment. 

Click here to Register!


The Resonant Body In Poetic Space!


Most of the theatre training that young artists receive is from a psychological or thought-based technique, which is valuable, but leaves out a major part of our intuitive self-expression. The work that Dell'Arte offers uses the physical body as the source for emotional expressivity, storytelling and character. Learning to create in this way will deepen the actors training in a way that is not generally offered in this industry, especially not to students in the Los Angeles area. 


In this workshop we will train and tune the body to listen to itself and to the world around it. An aware body and mind allow us to be receptive and available to our partners. Our play on stage becomes resonant, alive and dynamic. This workshop will help you free your physical self of intellectual anxiety and allow your physical presence to lead the charge. Allowing a deeper dimension of expressing emotion and character from a physiological body perspective will free you up to experience what it feels like to be comfortable and responsive in a performance, in a head-to-toe way.


Our workshop will start with physical training practices: for instance, our relationship to the floor, through weight exploration by ourselves and with a partner. We will practice moving our three dimensional body in a three-dimensional space, and learn exercises that cultivate alertness and responsiveness to our partner(s), making us more available to each other in the studio and on stage. These practices allow us to hold in our awareness more than one thing at a time, and to respond authentically to what we encounter.  We will play with the push and pull forces in the space, the basic forces that operate in nature and in us, as part of nature.


The second part of the workshop will be devoted to creating short pieces with a partner or in small groups. We will provoke and prompt the students to find images that have to do with the natural world (the elements, animals, natural forces) to begin to create their own, original, physical theatre pieces in duos and trios. The workshop will culminate in a sharing of these original pieces!


Please, bring comfortable clothing and be ready to move!

About Otherland Ensemble

Otherland Ensemble is a physical theater devising company made up of artists from India, Greece, Mexico, Spain, and the United States.  Through transformative embodiment of larger-than-life characters, we tell stories of outcasts and underdogs moved by universal struggles in outrageous worlds.  Otherland Ensemble’s work is rooted in our ability to cherish the cultural differences of our individual members while simultaneously responding to global conversations that unite us.  In 2018, we are compelled by themes of youth identity, the line between acceptance and oppression of the “other,”  and of course, talking bears.


Students will be working with Laura Muñoz, Tushar Mathew, and Becca Finney.  

Teaching Artist Bios: 


Laura Muñoz is a theater artist born and raised in Spain. She started her training in childhood as a gymnast, and soon after, as a dancer.  She has studied at the School for New Dance Development at the University of Amsterdam and The Moving On Center, where she studied Interdisciplinary Arts and Somatic Movement Therapy. She has collaborated with many artists over the years as director, dancer, actor, choreographer, producer, and creator. Her own company, Pequeño Teatro de Danza, works with musicians, actors, dancers and light designers in the fertile ground where these disciplines meet.


Tushar Mathew is a graduate from The Drama School Mumbai.  He has toured India with an adaptation of Bertolt Brecht’s The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui (The Curious Climb of Cutter Chee) where he played the titular character, and holds an MFA in ensemble-based physical theater from Dell’ Arte International School of Physical Theater.  He is currently touring an original tragedy, "Eli and the Bear,” and continues to work on his site-specific solo show “Detective Private Saves the World!”.


Becca Finney grew up in rural Kentucky, where she developed a love for outcasts and outskirts of all kinds.  She has a BFA in Theater from Centre College and an MFA in Ensemble-Based Physical Theater from Dell’Arte International.  Her work has taken her around the globe (France, England, and Bali), and allowed her to collaborate with incredible communities such as Bread and Puppet Theater, the Dell’Arte Company, the Ink People in northern California, and a domestic violence shelter in rural Oregon.


OtherLand Ensemble:


Dell'Arte International

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