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"Take ACTion" Volunteer Club

We love to incorporate programming that promotes socialization, learning, purpose, charity, and human connection. You can be a new or returning student to be involved!

Some of our students launched a community service club together, in January 2020. We use our creative superpowers to find unique ways to make the world a better place!  We meet occasionally to organize local service projects, and are always excited to welcome passionate, motivated new team players into our group!

See what it's all about at:
Email HERE for more info! 


One definition of community is that it's a geographical area, like the neighborhood where you live.
But community can also be defined as a group of people who:
  • Share something in common and are passionate about a common purpose
  • Have shared core values
  • Interact regularly
  • Care about each other as individuals
  • Care about the community as a whole
The instructors, parents and students at ACT-1 create a powerful team of open-hearted, intelligent, socially-conscious people, brought together initially through our common love of the arts. Theatre can be a tremendous force for good, challenging how we think and act. Practicing empathy and opening your eyes to other people's experiences as an actor can help create social change.
But ASIDE from our love of theatre and the arts, we like to empower our students to think of OTHER things that matter to them. We encourage them to share their individual values with their trusted group of friends. We learn from each other. Then we try to find ways to provide awareness and support to those values. 
For kids who want to make more of a difference (while hanging out with their creative, fun theatre friends!), we provide a space for them to brainstorm, decide WHAT they care about and want to achieve together, and HOW they want to do it.
"The actor’s instrument is the actor’s own body and brain but if the dramatic arts are to avoid shrinking to a self-referential, self-enclosed, detached, and isolated unit of a larger world, then the psyche upon which the actor calls must not be the actor’s own, but the character’s. Therefore, an actor needs to develop resources of experience that connect with the rest of the world — socially, culturally, historically, and politically — thereby enriching the actor’s instrument that is required to perform."
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