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For the past two decades, Sierra has been coaching children ages 6-18, and feels more passionate about her work today than ever. Her clients have been accepted to performing arts middle schools, high schools and universities, and booked roles in theatre, film, television and voiceover. With a lifetime of theatre training and experience under her belt, Sierra utilizes techniques in her coaching from Stella Adler, Sanford Meisner, Uta Hagen, Michael Chekhov, Lee Strasberg, Viola Spolin, Stanislavski and Kristin Linklater.  She works with her students on monologues, script analysis, improv, scene study, character development, career coaching, on-camera tips, cold reading, audition technique, and how to make a great first impression in the audition room!      

Sierra Fisk

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Sierra has worked freelance as a Drama Director in eight different Los Angeles public schools, directing Musical Theatre, Shakespeare, and classic straight plays. She has taught classes in commercial acting, improv, playwriting, and reader's theatre. Under The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company, she assisted at-risk teens in playwriting and acting techniques.
In 2009, Sierra combined forces with Chera to form the Academy for Children's Theatre, and together they've staged 37 musicals. In addition to the work she does with children, Sierra is a working actress and model, and former stuntwoman. She received her B.A. with Honors from UC San Diego’s Theatre Department and continued her education at the University of Kent in Canterbury, England. 

Here is what you can expect from coaching with me: ​

  • I will spend time in advance with the material, in order to maximize the best use of our session. 
  • During our time together, not only will we put in the work, but we'll have a great time doing it!
  • I care about your child's opportunities as much as they do.  I'm available for a last minute pep-talk before they go in, and you better believe I'll be following up!!!

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Sierra does a great job of bringing the best out in kids.  She knows how to make it fun while also creating an incredible learning environment for children.  Her straightforward style, ability to connect with young people and professionalism are the perfect combination.  Sierra is not only fantastic during coaching sessions but also does a great deal of preparing in advance to make the most of the time.  She is an amazing and inspiring person to work with!

Jodi (parent of a 13 year old)

We couldn’t have asked for a more professional and skilled mentor for our 14 year old daughter Sophia! Our daughter had a specific project and interest in acting and asked Sierra Fisk to mentor her over the period of 6 months. This would be her first acting coach experience. Sierra provided our daughter with a schedule while setting up and working towards specific goals.  
Sierra has a very special talent with working with teens and would find new and creative ways to work through challenges and keep things fresh and interesting.  Sophia was given a difficult acting challenge in a play she was in, and through Sierras expertise she was given the right tools to make it through what could’ve been an incredibly awkward scene. We are so grateful to Sierra and the valuable lessons she taught Sophia through the year.  She is a super talented acting coach and mentor and would be a gift to anyone looking to get into the acting field!

Amber (parent of a 13 year old)

I first met Sierra Fisk as the producer of ACT-1. She was so hardworking, professional and organized at all times. There were many children in the production and Sierra always handled them with care, respect and grace. They clearly loved being around her, so when I needed a private coach for my daughter, the first person that came to mind was Sierra.  She coached my 10 year old daughter in developing an audition monologue for a Middle School Performing Arts Academy, and Gemma was later accepted into the Academy. My daughter had had minimal acting experience and was feeling very stressed about the acting part of the audition. Sierra gave her the tools and confidence to believe in her own instincts. She gave her ideas on how to give the piece as many "colors" as possible. Sierra was kind, knowledgeable and encouraging. She created a warm and trusting environment for my daughter to explore her piece. Any little 10 year old girl would love to spend time with Sierra and blossom as an young actor!
I highly recommend Sierra as an acting coach for all young people. 

Denise (parent of 10 year old)

We recently reached out to Ms. Sierra Fisk, regarding voiceover coaching for my 8 year old. Ms. Fisk was very professional and fun to work with. She helped my daughter with acting techniques that would benefit her voice-over audition. Her coaching has not only helped my daughter better prepare herself for roles, but has also inspired her confidence. We’re definitely reaching out to Ms. Fisk again for future coaching. She was a true pleasure to work with.

Linda (parent of an 8 year old) 

I always knew that Sierra was an extremely dedicated and talented actress, and very skilled in teaching her students professional acting exercises and character development.  What I did not know at the time was how wonderful she was as a private acting coach.  When my daughter decided to audition for the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, the premiere performing arts school in the Western United States, she was required to audition with two monologues - a contemporary comedic monologue and more challenging monologue from Shakespeare's Hamlet.  I actually hired a classically trained Shakespearian acting coach recommended by the school but I never felt that she was able to bring out my daughter's talent. As I was discussing the issue with Sierra I remembered that she is a classically trained Shakespearean actress. I hired her on the spot because I knew that she would be able to help my daughter become the best she can be. Once she worked with Sierra I knew that my daughter would be offered placement in the class of 2016.
After just one session, my daughter was not only able to nail the audition, but she was also offered admission a few weeks later. 
I highly recommend Sierra as an acting coach, and know that I will hire her again and again.

Alexis (parent of a 14 year old)

My 8th grade son was auditioning for the drama program at a performing arts high school. He has extensive acting training and has worked with numerous coaches in the past.  For this audition we hired Sierra to work with him.  Sierra's approach to teaching is funny, warm, supportive and professional. Her feedback made an incredible difference in how he delivered his monologues. Sierra is an outstanding coach and we highly recommend her!  We will definitely hire her again!

Randy (parent of a 13 year old)

Sierra is an awkward teen trapped in a beautiful adult's body. She has this special gift to connect with kids in a deep genuine way and bring out their best every time. 

Meredith (parent of a 10 year old)

You did a great job with Ava!  Thank you!  Our agents Carolyn and Mike (of Concrete Entertainment) are very happy with how Ava has been improving by leaps and bounds.  Ava enjoys working with you!  Thanks, again. 

Michael (parent of a 16 year old) 

Sierra is intuitive and precise in gearing her direction when coaching my daughter.  She gives the proper technique and tools to enable her to approach a script and a character.  She understands the needs of Charlotte not only as an individual, but as an actress and what each role would require. Sierra is approachable for feedback and follows up before an audition/self tape, but after as well. I find this invaluable because the process of auditioning is stressful for all, especially with kids.  As a result of her coaching, my daughter has the confidence to be direct in her approach to each script she receives, to be prepared and realizes the value of research for a role. 

Lauren (parent of a 13 year old)

I am so grateful that my son had the opportunity to be coached by Sierra!  Having worked with her at ACT-1 since he was young, we knew she’d be the perfect person to coach him with his auditions to LACHSA, the most important auditions of his young life.  
Working with Sierra was great!  She was always on time, prepared and full of ideas and energy! She has a large repertoire of monologues and songs, so my son had a several options to choose from.  Once he’d made his decisions, Sierra was spot on with her feedback.  She was able to effectively communicate with my son (no small task for a teenager) and help him develop amazing audition pieces for both Vocal and Theatre.  Just as important, she helped to build and strengthen his confidence.  By the time the auditions came around, my son was completely prepared - both mentally and emotionally.  He approached his auditions with excitement and was accepted into LACHSA!
But beyond her skills and abilities, one of Sierra’s most unique qualities is the way she bonds with her students.  She speaks to them at their own level, is never condescending, and her love of her students is evident with every connection she makes.  She has a warm heart, a bright smile and top-notch skills!  In my mind, there’s no better combination!

Sarah, parent of a 14 year old

Sierra helped coach my son for a heavy role in A Chorus Line.  She helped him draw on his own experiences to deliver a highly emotional monologue in a very powerful way.  She was extremely professional and gave my son powerful tools to use when delivering dramatic scenes. Those tools continue to serve him well. Sierra truly takes the time to get to know her students and cares deeply about all of them. I highly recommend her for coaching and will absolutely continue to work with her in the future. 

Randall (parent of a 15 year old)


Sierra coached me on two audition monologues for college auditions (the weekend of the auditions!) and in a short amount of time, and made me feel like I had been working with her for months! She is so friendly, positive and easy to talk to which really helped me open up and perform at my full potential. The methods she uses are easy to understand for actors of all levels and her advice proved to be very valuable as well. The interactive session helped me improve characterization and delivery and together we found points in my monologues that I would not have even noticed before! Sierra helped me connect with the pieces in such a natural way that there were points where I forgot I was acting and just felt completely connected to the character I was supposed to play. My auditions ran smoothly and gave me much more confidence in my monologues.  Her awesome acting skills hopefully rubbed off on me! I would definitely recommend her as an acting coach because I felt 1000 times more confident in my performance after just one session! :) 

 Riley, 18

I came to her to prepare for one of the most important auditions of my life. I was auditioning for LA County High School of the Arts, an extremely prestigious art school. I had two monologues prepared and according to Sierra the first one was great, but the second Shakespearean piece needed some depth. She pulled out some Shakespeare books and we talked about the show the monologue was from, the scenes before and after the monologue, and how my character might feel. WOW is the first word that comes to my mind when I think about how much Sierra has helped me in just one one-hour session. I had gotten a better understanding of my character in an hour then I had in three weeks. I was later accepted to LACHSA, thanks to Sierra. In the words of the most interesting man in the world, I don't always take acting lessons, but when I do, I go to Sierra. I highly recommend her, my friends.

Teddy, 14

1st Place Winner at Cal Poly Pomona Shakespeare Festival

Student of LACHSA Drama Program

Sierra being my coach makes me feel more confident in auditions and especially callbacks. When we finish reading a scene or monologue, the first question she asks is "what is your character trying to do?" or "how are they feeling in this scene/monologue?"  In doing this, it would give me a better understanding and make connections with my character.  When I go on auditions that Sierra has coached me on, I almost always get a callback, get pinned, put on avail, or book the job.  Sierra has definitely made me appreciate the work that I need to do with each character I get to play. and has helped me so much in my acting career! 

Charlotte, 13

Sierra Fisk is an experienced, and personal teacher. I've known her for most of my life, and since starting my theatrical career, she has taught and tutored me. When I was a five year-old who couldn't comprehend what a musical was, she helped me to develop a character and perform. Today, she continues to work with all her students to create and act out complex characters.

Matthew, 15

"First of all, I want to thank you both for the opportunity you gave Bria to join your production. It was an amazing experience for her and for me to see what she has accomplished, was a great experience for me as well. She truly enjoyed her time with everyone and has learned so much from it that hopefully she will take with her wherever she goes. The work that you guys have put in it is very inspiring and we are so happy to have been a part of it."

Matthew, 15

I worked with Sierra on a musical audition for Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat. She helped me really develop and understand my character, to speak and sing with purpose, and most importantly on how to have confidence in myself. I learned how that’s one of the most important things for an audition and she truly transformed my confidence on so many levels. 

Leya, 16

Sierra taught me that you can always improve your performance, even between a matinee and an evening performance. She taught me to find a different moment every time I step on stage and make that moment special. It makes it more fun for the actors and the audience to have that new energy. 

Mara, 15

I appreciate every moment with my ACT-1 family. These experiences have influenced my decision to apply to colleges for Theatre. Thanks to Sierra and her coaching, through my auditions and self tapes, I’ve been accepted into my top schools!

GraceRose, 18

I met with Sierra to help prepare for my high school audition for LACHSA, a prestigious arts school in LA. I only got the chance to meet with her twice before this audition, but if it weren’t for her guidance, I genuinely don’t think that I would have gotten in. I was feeling a lot of stress and anxiety for the audition but she helped me clear my mind and boost my confidence in the monologues I chose. She offered incredible suggestions that helped me view the characters in a more precise way. I struggled with putting the proper emotions behind these characters and thanks to her wonderful coaching, I was able to make these changes and improve my performance. I walked into the audition with confidence in my abilities to succeed and I definitely didn’t have that before our sessions. Since then, I have met with her a few other times to audition for a show at my school of which I got a very good part in. Her coaching has truly been life changing for me because without it, I wouldn’t be doing so well at my dream school or even attending it. Working with Sierra is an absolute pleasure and I look forward to her coaching sessions for future auditions that may come up.

Gabriel, 17

Sierra didn’t just help me “act a part”, she helped me see the imaginary world around me, what was really going on in a scene. It really makes a big difference when you’re singing a song on an empty stage and it’s just you and your imagination. Anytime I work with Sierra there’s just a playful vibe to it all. She’s created this environment that makes me realize how much fun acting is as we formulate these new ways to convey something and add depth to a character. It’s a giant confusing puzzle, and now I’m confident that I can put it together and put out an awesome performance. It’s a big motivator.

Jack, 13

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