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ACT-1 is 14 years old and celebrating our 45th production! 
You can see galleries from our past shows by visiting our social media!

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ACT-1 "Ovation  Award" Recipients

We believe in helping our students to set achievable goals for themselves.  

 Our "Ovation Awards" are milestones for our students to work toward, and give us a chance to publicly recognize our student's dedication to their musical theatre training.  

So before their peers and the audience, our students are presented with the Award on the closing night of their 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th and 25th productions with us. 


The "Ovation Award" is named for the enthusiastic applause and appreciation an actor receives after a brilliant performance.  

































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To celebrate their 10th production, students have a little something extra to look forward to.  We create a personalized "10-Show Yearbook" for them, commemorating all of their performances, as a way to honor their hard work and commitment.



5+ Shows: 

Tex Archer, Lauren Barette, Eve Bernstein, Noah Bernstein, Nadia Bradfield, Olivia Catlett, Maya Clayton, Olivia Corso, Daphne Couch, Camille Courtland, Isabella Darbinian, Sydney Devore, Bettina Diaz, Julian Dohi, Alice Downer, Jane Downer, Rock Edwards, Celia Edwards-Mendez, Delaney Farrell, Dana Greenberg, Josh Greene, Maddy Glave, Jo Grody, Olivia Haley, Drew Harris, Bradi Harrison, Jason Harris, Stella Hart, Carley Heskett, Jossie Hess, Hilly Hess, Marlowe Jefferson, Daisy Jemison, Jasper Jemison, David Kelly, Zoe Lacara, Callie LaVanway, Danielle Lensky, Melanie Levin, Noa Levy, Jordan Licht, Aaron Major, Jordan Mehlman, Samantha Mondrosch, Nick Monsion, Kate Novikov, Emily Otkupman, Grace Parker, Charlotte Pernicone, Nicky Ponce, Alexandra Reisner, Arman Sarkoob, Sutton Schiff, Nate Schinnerer, Samantha Schwartz, Ayla Shelby, Francesca Sheynis, Justin Slepicoff, Rainer Speight, Jack Terbush, Mia Verwey, Jasper White, Bella Winn, Darby Winn


10+ Shows:

Josephine Baiden, Heather Barette, Aden Bertisch, Sienna Ching, Olivia Edwards, Adam Eichhorst,

JoJo Kiedman, Sara Kaplan, Teddy Lake, Bianca Linder, Kiernan McCafferty,

Lily McFarlin, Emily Otkupman, Matthew Talley, Kai Wright


15+ Shows:  

Maya Boyce, Mara Greene, Catherine Lake, Emma LaPolt, 

Eli Marks, Makenna Marks, Isabella Perez, Maya Ponce

20+ Shows:  

Elizabeth DeMauri, JJ Perez


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