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"I just wanted to tell you guys how great of a job you are doing. I know you are putting in a lot of hours, more than you are getting paid for and I want you to know it is appreciated and not going unnoticed. You guys have done an amazing job keeping these kids busy and engaged during this very tough time. I have seen growth in so many of the performers even during the online shows you have done. I know how much work goes into putting a show on and you guys have persevered through these times being creative and making it happen against all odds. You should be very proud of all that you have done and we are very grateful."



"Kyra texted me from the first day of summer camp on Monday, “I’m with my people!” and my heart melted.  I checked in with her on how day 2 was… 'Even Better!!!' I just wanted to thank you again for allowing her to be a part of this experience and let you know just how deeply grateful we are."


"I may be your biggest fan️️️️️!!! I think what you are doing is EXTRAORDINARY!  So lucky we were introduced us to your brilliant theater company many moons ago.  It has been such a phenomenal experience for both of my kids on so many levels.  Teaching them professionalism, harmony, dancing, stage presence, sharing the spot light, team effort, no part is a small part, responsibility, character, appreciation of art, music and performance.  You have opened their eyes to the magic of theater and created a safe, loving space for them to soar!  Thank YOU!!!  I am grateful!"

"Wow what an amazing job you and Chera have done. And really, your casting as well is superb. Each actor is so well suited for their roles. So thankful Zoey got to be part of this. She has learned and gained so much. Especially considering her being new in town, you've been life savers."

"THANK YOU so much for everything you did to make this such a wonderful experience. The details and communication/organizational skills not to mention the theater arts expertise needed to pull this off are unbelievable and you have all of them and I watched with great admiration — so thank you!  This was a new experience for Julian to perform at this level and I think he has a new appreciation and excitement about what can come with hard work. He really enjoys the comraderie of theater and loves all his new friends!  Thanks for making memories he’ll cherish the rest of his life. "



"I just wanted to congratulate you both on doing such a great job with the teen casts! Katie loved being part of the Act-1 family and both Seth and I were so impressed with what you accomplished. We were really thrilled with the whole "happy family" vibe that Act-1 provides. Katie was always telling us how supportive all the kids were with each other during rehearsals, and we found the same to be true of the parents. A really nice group of people - and they made Katie (and us) feel welcome.  It’s a really cool thing you both are doing, giving these kids place to do what they are passionate about, in such a supportive and nourishing environment!"


"Your fee for the actors is very reasonable considering how high level you are. Thank you so much for your dedication - to the arts, to the children, to our world. I am a physician and military officer - I do the "boring" stuff. I remember one of my medical professors once said something like: "Science makes our life better, but the fine arts give us a reason to live in the first place." Keep making our world a 'funner' place!!! Go Sierra and Chera!!!"


"Sara has grown so much since joining ACT-1 - and I think much of what you are teaching her is a key part of who she is becoming. The acting/singing/dancing/improv is great and I love how she brought her character to life. But it is the self assurance - how much that has grown. Her pride in herself. Her belief in her team - those she is working with. Her joy and investment in what she is doing. I am just amazingly proud. What all of you are doing is amazing and wonderful. Thank you for an amazing experience."


"It is easy to see the growth in Elizabeth, she has now done six shows with you. Not only that, I can see the growth of all of the children in your shows. There are special theatres all over, and I've had the privilege to be involved with several in my time. The one common theme with all of them are the people. The people, the caring for each child, the caring about what theatre is. Teaching something you love. All of these things are why you Chera and Nathalie are the right people and ACT-1 is the right place for Elizabeth.  I'm not sure I will ever be able to thank you enough for all that you have done for her. I also know that Elizabeth is not your only story there and that you give all of the children the same love and attention."



"Tyler picked you over sports camp, so that's gotta mean something!" 



"I just had to say it one more time.....the show was AMAZING!  You deserve whatever the equivalent of a children's theatre Tony Award would be!... Really....awesome, fun, cute, and amazing. Thanks again for all the hard work....the kids had a blast!"


"Elizabeth has grown so much because of you.  This summer gave her a maturity and a confidence that was a joy to see.  Last year was a terrible struggle for her, and she has turned it around.  You were a part of that.  We are very grateful that she has a place to be where she is nurtured and grows."



"You both have provided her with this amazing experience which is truly priceless. I have no idea what Alex will do when she grows up but I know for sure that this experience will have such a positive impact on whatever she chooses by: building confidence, teamwork, responsibility, dedication, commitment....the list of life lessons from this experience goes on and on. And she has been absolutely LOVING the whole experience, as evident by the HUGE smile on her face going to and coming from rehearsals, belting out the songs at home 24/7, joy in meeting "older kids" in the group who have been so kind to her, and her incredible excitement for the upcoming shows. And our family and friends are so excited as well!"



"I am not a theatre person but I loved the entire thing - how the teens were involved - how the older kids helped the younger kids - how the younger kids seemed to love every second - the singing - dancing - joy - shared laughs. All of it. This whole experience has helped Sara GROW so many incredible life skills and friends. Whether she becomes a theatre person or not - she will clearly always hold a love for it because of how ACT-1 has brought her in. I  loved the show and thank you from the bottom of my heart."



"Chera and Sierra, you two are just fantastic.  What a team!  The show was delightful.  Kids looked and sounded great.  Sets and special effects, flying, costumes wonderful.  The lobby stuff was inspired.  I loved every minute of the whole event and could not stop smiling the entire time I was there.  Thanks for bringing so much joy into so many families' lives."



"Congratulations to you and the staff and especially the cast on another great production!  We brought our cousins and they are still talking about it!  The kids were focused, funny and looked like they were having a blast up there.  Jimmy was fabulous!  He's really starting to get more animated and comfortable.  We can see his acting skills growing, thanks to you!  Thank you for all that you do!" 



"Fantastic program for kids of all ages.  My daughter loves this Theatre group.  The shows are so professionally done.  From the sets to the costumes. I highly recommend this program to beginning students as well as kids who have acted in theatre before."

Andrew M. 


"Thank you so much a wonderful summer program! JoJo loved camp and is ready to do the show all over again next weekend. You guys are amazing. I loved how you provided appropriate challenge and feedback while also conveying great warmth and care for the kids. JoJo had an amazing experience...she is hooked - you're not gonna be able to get rid of her!"



"Thank you.  This has been a wonderful experience for Avery. She has learned so much that she can build on in the future, and she is so interested in playwriting and plays. On top of that, I've seen her come out of her shell these few months through the acting. Thanks again.... now the actual performance will be icing on the cake." 



"The show was just so charming, and I enjoyed it SO MUCH. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated what you did with those kids! First of all that you are both so kind, and never seem to lose your cool with them, but second that you manage to give them just enough to challenge them but not push them past their abilities. So that you're creating a watchable show that is also something they each can get something from. (And instead of dreading, I was looking forward to the second watching! haha) The choreography is adorable, the singing is fantastic, and the acting is great.  I don't know how you're doing it, show after show—the number of moving parts makes me break into sweat just thinking about it!"


"Congrats on an amazing production. From what I saw last night, it was perfect.  So impressive.  INTO THE WOODS is a complicated production and everyone looked and sounded fantastic.  Wow.  I can't wait to see it again." 



"First of all, I want to thank you both for the opportunity you gave Bria to join your production. It was an amazing experience for her and for me to see what she has accomplished, was a great experience for me as well. She truly enjoyed her time with everyone and has learned so much from it that hopefully she will take with her wherever she goes. The work that you guys have put in it is very inspiring and we are so happy to have been a part of it."



"You are incredible! Thank you so much for all the hard and dedicated work you did to make this show!  The kids had amazingly fun time! We enjoyed the show and were impressed with kids performances!  Best Wishes in future endeavors!"

Eric and Maya


"I just wanted to let you guys know how much I enjoyed watching the show tonight.  I don't know how you pull off these shows (especially Into the Woods) but I'm very impressed.  Thanks for a fun evening and I am looking forward to at least four more!" 



"After seeing the Academy's production of Annie, my husband and I enrolled our children in the production of Into The Woods.  Our children immediately felt welcomed by everyone involved - students and production staff.  The production was complex, but the children always came first - even if they weren't "getting" it or having trouble with a scene, Chera, Sierra and Rachel worked patiently with them until they mastered the technique or scene.  My kids made several new friends, learned how to work as a team and, of course, became better performers."

Dana M. 


"My 12 year old daughter had such a great time participating in ACT-1's summer program and production of "ANNIE" that her older sister wanted to join!  Both of my daughters improved their acting and singing skills under ACT-1's guidance during the production of "INTO THE WOODS" and are looking forward to future productions."

Debra C. 


"The show was fantastic last night!  We were all truly impressed with the level of talent in these kids and what you were able to do with them in such a short time.  Congratulations!!!  I really hope more will go see it.  Well done!!!!" 



"I want to take this time to say thank you!  OMG, Emily is having absolutely so much fun! You and Chera have been amazing!! Please keep me posted on new acts.  Please.  Again thank you for everything.  You two are amazing."



"Just a note of thanks and appreciation for all you do.  The show was terrific as usual.  The kids were amazing and the whole production was so touching.  I don’t know why it was so emotional, but I felt like I was choking back tears the whole time.  The kids are so darn cute. And, it is something to see them growing before your very eyes.  Your hard work really paid off and you truly brought out the best in them.    Now if I could only get those songs out of my head . . . .!  Rrrrrrgh. Thanks again for all you do for the kids.  I know Grace loves it!"


"I had SO much fun last weekend, I think I got the bug! I loved every minute of it as the weekend wore on. I didn’t want it to end! What you guys have built with these incredibly dedicated and talented kids is other-worldly. I’ve never seen ANYTHING like it. I can’t tell you enough how happy we are to have found you. Eve loved it so much and we have seen such a massive change in her since she met you guys. She’s confident and diligent and taking performing so much more seriously than she has before. We can’t wait to do it again! Thank you so so much and we will see u soon!!


"I wanted to compliment you and Chera on such an incredible performance! The production had a quality to it that I’ve never seen in youth theatre. It was so organized and incredibly well performed - seeing it all 3 times was a joy. My boys who are athletes and not into the arts loved it and asked on their own to come to two performances. We are so happy that Sophia got to experience the ACT-1 magic and we look forward to the next show. Sophia can’t wait to start."


"I'm so amazed at what you guys pull off.  It's an understatement to even say what a huge feat this was.  You both created something truly magical.  I'm still in disbelief how great the actors were, the set, the costumes, staging - everything! Everyone was blown away at the quality of the production. I don't know how you'll be able to top this one.  We are so grateful to have been a part of this amazing show! Thank you and congratulations!!!!"


"Just a quick note to thank you so very much for the incredible experience my girls had these last few months.  I know I am the millionth person to say it, but the performances that you pull out of those kids are beyond what anyone would dare dream.  And the kids take SO much pride in it and that is a gift that will take them through their whole lives. 
Thank you for all the extra time and energy you put in to make this the best kid's program in LA."


"Sierra and team are absolutely fantastic. Our 8 year old daughter recently tried out and had the most wonderful first experience possible. She loved every minute of it. We were blown away with how well the production was done and how talented the actors were. After this first play, our daughter is hooked and can’t wait to continue learning from Sierra and the the team. I truly cannot say enough great things." 



"Thank you so much for an amazing first experience at ACT-1. I will definitely be coming back in the fall. I loved the cast and really loved the show. Everyone who came to see it said it was great. You both work so hard to make it such a great experience with all the kids who go there. I just wanted to say thanks for helping me grow as a performer and even maybe as a person. I am really upset that the show is over. I had such a fun time rehearsing and LOVED tech week." 


ACT-1 is AMAZING. I just joined the group in the past summer to do Beauty & the Beast, and they took me right in. Academy for Children's Theatre is part of my family now and always will be, I love you guys!!!! :)"

Justin S. 


"Just thought I would say thanks AGAIN for all the acting help this summer. Honestly, if you guys didn't help, I wouldn't have gotten a lead in the spring musical this year! Not only would I not have gotten the role, but I also wouldn't have had the confidence needed to complete my acting audition. Thanks again for everything!"


"Thank you both so much for putting on 'Into the Woods.'  I had such a fun time with my first show with ACT-1.  It was an experience I enjoyed very much, and I am definitely going to do it again.  Thank you for letting me be a part of such an amazing program, and such a fun experience. I am so grateful for all the work you did for the play!"

“Rehearsals at ACT-1 were the highlight of my week. My cast members have become a huge part of my life and I appreciate every moment with my ACT-1 family. These experiences have influenced my decision to apply to colleges for Theatre. Thanks to Sierra and her coaching, through my auditions and self tapes, I’ve been accepted into my top schools!”


Audience Members

"Into the Woods" was thoroughly professional!...Not like a "kiddie play", but like something I would expect from adults... and the performances, costumes and sets were first rate!"

Lynn L. 


"You are a super genius; the detail is incredible and this show was unbelievable! You should be so proud of yourself, you touched and inspired all those children, their parents and loved ones. If ever you are in doubt, sit down and think about how you helped the kids in this show believe in themselves as well as what they can do - you pushed them beyond the boundaries of their minds! Because of you, they now know how to make things happen, you have changed the future for them, and therefore us all. Love and enormous respect."



"Children's Theatre is always kind a toss up when it comes to quality.  I've been to a lot of different shows.  The quality of the Academy of Children's Theater is incredible.  The production value and the performances are top notch.  If I had kids, I would absolutely enroll them in this program!  Until then, I'll take the kids I babysit to their shows!"


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