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1. Come See Our Shows!

Ticket Sales are one of our biggest and most necessary sources of funding, and we love to perform for you and give back a great night of entertainment!  There is nothing more thrilling for the kids than performing to a full house.  So come see the shows, bring your friends with you.... and if you like us, please spread the word!  Word-of-mouth is how a lot of people hear about us!  


2. Volunteer Your Time

Check out the list below, and you'll be surprised how many of the things that we need help with, are things within your skill set!  It's fun, and we're fun people to hang out with.  We think our kids are pretty great, too.  


3. Donate GOODS

 Tools, paint, office supplies, concessions, coffee, costumes ... it's all helpful.   See our wishlist below!  


3. Donate SPACE

* We are ALWAYS seeking new rehearsal spaces where we can spread out and do our thing!

* Storage Space - with our constantly growing arsenal of costumes, props and sets, we are already at capacity!


4. Donate Funds

Your  donations are guaranteed to go towards purchasing something much needed for the company.

You can also specify where you'd like your funds to go.



Need Work Experience? 

ACT-1 welcomes dedicated, responsible student volunteers to engage in a hands-on, educational internship experience.  Volunteers will be places in an area of primary focus to develop their skills and will periodically rotate between other areas of concentration to learn about other facets of working in a professional theatre.  Community service looks amazing on resumes and college applications!  



We depend on a lot of teamwork for the success of our productions!  We ALWAYS appreciate your help!!  Maybe you enjoy working with kids and teens, or you need to complete some volunteer hours ... perhaps you need experience as an intern, or you just love being a part of a theatre family.... all great reasons to get involved! 


Please review the many categories of assistance needed, and contact us with your name and phone number.  Training is available for all tasks, or you can explain what kind of expertise you already have in that area. 

Send your EMAIL to:



Playbill Advertisements

Soliciting of merchants for advertising in the playbill.  Following up with interested businesses. 



Sewing, altering, bargain shopping (thrift stores, etc.), help with fittings, organizing costumes per actor for the show, post-show washing/cleaning



Collect needed prop items from friends, neighbors, thrift stores.  Build/assemble hard-to-find props.



Design and/or Construction



(trucks ALWAYS needed!!) for bulky set pieces


Graphic Design

For programs, t-shirts, flyers, playbill, etc. 



Flyering local businesses, inviting groups/classes to shows, outreach for ticket sales, promoting the company/auditions/productions to the general public



Work at the performance, at the concessions booth during pre-show and intermission.  


Merchandise Table

Help work at the performances, at the merchandise table - to inform people what’s for sale, help them fill out the order form.  


Wardrobe & Makeup

Help apply makeup and style hair, and assist with costume changes/emergencies backstage. 


Backstage Hands

Place props/move sets during show (wearing black), supervise performers backstage. 



Take production stills at dress rehearsals and performances.  



Help disassemble set, and transport to another location (access to a truck/van is always invaluable during strike!)





If you can donate services or goods, or recommend an inexpensive vendor, those are all things that help us greatly!  Here is a list of some of the things that we have to pay for on a regular basis: 


* Theatre Rental 

* Rehearsal Space Rental 

* Insurance 

* Office Supplies (printer ink, paper, batteries, etc)

* Set Construction/Rental

* Props/Prop Rental

* Costume Construction/Purchase/Rental

* Drycleaning

* Paying our Teachers

* Photocopying Scripts & Playbills

* Graphic Design

* Maintaining this website

* Storage Facility Rental 

* Creating Postcards & Flyers, plus other advertising

* Silkscreened T-shirts & other merchandise


* etc, Etc, ETC! Whew!!!





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