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Ages 3-18

"Our children immediately felt welcomed by everyone involved - students and staff.  The production was complex, but the children always came first - even if they weren't "getting" it or having trouble, Chera and Sierra worked patiently with them until they mastered the technique or scene.  My kids made several new friends, learned how to work as a team and, of course, became better performers."

"THANK YOU so much for everything you did to make this such a wonderful experience. The details and communication/organizational skills not to mention the theater arts expertise needed to pull this off are unbelievable and you have all of them and I watched with great admiration!  This was a new experience for Julian to perform at this level and I think he has a new appreciation and excitement about what can come with hard work. He really enjoys the comraderie of theater and loves all his new friends!  Thanks for making memories he’ll cherish the rest of his life. "

"Just a quick note to thank you so very much for the incredible experience my girls had these last few months.  I know I am the millionth person to say it, but the performances that you pull out of those kids are beyond what anyone would dare dream.  And the kids take SO much pride in it and that is a gift that will take them through their whole lives.

Thank you for all the extra time and energy you put in to make this

The Best Kid's Program in LA!!!"

Best of Sherman Oaks Award 2022.jpg

Every session we offer scholarships to families who qualify. We believe that everyone deserves to share in the transformative magic of theatre no matter what their financial situation!

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