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Into the Woods

hits the stage in 



(Please check to make sure you are buying tickets for the correct cast!)



Thursday November 30th @ 7pm

Friday December 1st  @ 7pm

Saturday December 2nd @ 2pm AND 7pm

Oliver Barrett - Milky White/Granny/Giant

Walter Bowie - Baker

Tucker Chandler - Cinderella’s Prince

Lucy Chesley - Baker’s Wife

Nathan Devore - Rapunzel’s Prince

Sydney Devore - Narrator/Mysterious Man

Felix Eilenberg - Steward/Wolf

Delilah Hanscum - Little Red

Via Hanscum - Stepmother

Matilda Eusebio - Florinda

Charlie Long - Lucinda

Maya Mariano - Witch

Xavier Martin-Porter - Jack

Angela Ramos - Jack’s Mother

Ellie Ray Steinberg - Cinderella

Sutton Schiff - Rapunzel/Cinderella’s Mother



Sunday, December 3rd @ 2pm and 7pm 

Wednesday, December 6th @ 6:30pm - JUST ADDED!

Thursday, December 7th @ 7pm 

Friday, December 8th @ 7pm 

Chloe Armantrout - Cinderella

Edward Atilano - Steward

Oliver Barrett - Milky White/Granny

Sabrina Beesley - Lucinda

Maks Bokin - Rapunzel’s Prince/Wolf

Aaron Ching - Narrator

Nathan Devore - Baker

Matilda Eusebio - Florinda (Sun, Thurs, Fri)

Becca Finkelstein - Stepmother

Goldie Leitman - Jack

Isabelle Kochones - Little Red

Ryan Romulus - Witch

Gaia Samson - Jack’s Mother

Rainer Speight - Florinda (Wednesday)

Nara Thompson - Baker’s Wife

Grayson Toledo - Mysterious Man

Lake Tyrrell - Rapunzel/Cinderella’s Mother

Darby Winn - Cinderella’s Prince


Saturday, December 9th @ 2pm AND 7pm 

Sunday, December 10th @ 2pm AND 7pm 

Oliver Barrett - Rapunzel’s Prince

Walter Bowie - Baker

Tucker Chandler - Cinderella’s Prince

Camryn Daniels - Witch

Felix Eilenberg - Steward/Wolf

Willow Egdes - Granny/Giant/Milky White

Forrest Gilliland  - Narrator/Mysterious Man

Delilah Hanscum - Little Red

Kyra Lambert - Cinderella

James Lauter - Baker’s Wife

Sari Nisenbaum - Lucinda

Zoey Savyon - Rapunzel/Cinderella’s Mother

Rainer Speight - Florinda

Olivia Vanek - Jack’s Mother

Jasper White - Jack

Via Hanscum - Stepmother


The Loft EnsembleTheatre 

11031 Camarillo St, North Hollywood, CA 91602


Please read street signs when looking for street parking!

When leaving for the theatre, please factor in ample time to find yourself a parking spot!

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