"The Greatest Showcase" will go LIVE online at 5:00pm PST on May 8th!


Maya Clayton, Elizabeth DeMauri, Willa Dworkin, Bradi Harrison, Mara Greene, Isabella Perez,

JJ Perez, Maya Ponce, Carson Spaeny, Jack Terbush, Hudson Reynolds, Sadie Reynolds,

Romy Rosen, Leni Rosenberg, Ayla Shelby, Zander Shelby, Austin Washington

To Attend:

Our show will go LIVE online at 5:00 PST on Saturday, May 8th!

Please buy your ticket in advance, so there are no delays in getting you a show link! 

Step One: 

Typically 50% of our funding comes from our box office sales, with tickets priced at $20 per person. 

In an effort to provide connection and entertainment to everyone during these trying times,

we've priced tickets for our online shows as “Pay-What-You-Can." 

 It is only because of your support that our company is able to survive through this pandemic!

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!!! 

Purchase your "ticket" by sending the amount of your choosing to either of the following accounts.

In the memo section of your payment, be sure to include your email address and phone number.

(This is very important - if you don't send us this information, we won't have anywhere to send your link!)


VENMO: @Act1Payments 

Our preferred method.

It may ask you for the last 4 digits of a phone number. Use "8527"


If you do use PayPal, please select "sending to a friend"

so PayPal doesn't take a fee from your donation.

Step Two:

After we receive your donation, we will email you a link to access our livestream!

With just one click, you'll be watching the live production!

Step Three:

Pop some popcorn, pour yourself a beverage, turn off the lights and... 

Enjoy the show!