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Dance/Tap with Bryanna!












For the musical theatre performer who wants to become a stronger dancer. This is a beginner level musical theatre dance class, with an emphasis in tap! In this class you will learn the basics of Tap, with some Jazz, Ballet, and a few surprise styles thrown in. 


The first portion of class is devoted to warming-up, stretching, strengthening, and technique. Next, students go across the floor practicing turns, leaps, and short combos. Finally, the last portion of class is devoted to learning choreography from the musical theatre cannon.


Bryanna's class emphasizes concepts essential to dance in the musical theatre: Spatial awareness, stage directions, formations, foundational technique, and musicality will all be covered. Each class will include the introduction of new dance terminology. (Topics covered include: dance formations and shapes, use of spot in turns, basic positions of the feet and arms. Basic steps taught: Ball change, chassé, transfer of weight, pivot step, jazz walk, pas de bourrée, slide, crossing step, kick ball change, box step, heel walk.)


Bryanna will be working the technical side of the class for the first couple classes in order to get you more comfortable in your bodies. This way, any notes given or direction of any steps, translate more clearly. We will spend the last 15 minutes of class going over basic tap steps, so be prepared to move your feet. It’s okay if you don’t have shoes just yet, but it will be important moving forward.


SUNDAYS 11am-12pm

14252 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks

Drop in classes are $20/class

6 classes for $110 ($18)

12 classes for $180 ($15)



1) Appropriate footwear would be ballet slippers, character shoes or jazz shoes. A canvas or leather ballet slipper or a usual black soft-soled jazz shoe is a good choice. 

2) As they progress students will want to get a pair of tap shoes. Any style of tap shoe is fine - a flat, non-split sole tap shoe is recommended.

2) Dress appropriately. Wear clothing that will allow you to stretch and dance comfortably without being inhibited. All clothing must be form fitting enough to see the shape of the body in order for the teacher to be able to correct alignment and body placement. Leotards, T-shirts and tank tops, leggings, yoga pants, and sweatpants are completely appropriate. (Girls might want to invest in a sports bra. Boys, you may want to wear a dance belt or supportive underwear).

3) Please wear deodorant and refrain from using perfumes and scented lotions. Wear your hair up and off your face.

Instructor Bryanna Navarro grew up in San Diego and moved to New York City to pursue her dreams as a professional performer. She studied at American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Manhattan for two years, then moved to Los Angeles to complete her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts. Bryanna has been teaching Tap since she was in high school, where she was the Founder and President of the Aspire Tap Club. That is where she found her passion for teaching and she wants to continue to share that passion with you!

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