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THE ADDAMS FAMILY, a magnificently macabre new musical comedy is created by Jersey Boys authors Marshall Brickman & Rick Elice, and Drama Desk Award winner Andrew Lippa (The Wild Party). 


The show is based upon The Addams Family characters created by Charles Addams in his single-panel gag cartoons, which depict a ghoulish American family with an affinity for all things macabre.  In addition to the original characters created by Addams, the musical introduces the new roles of Mal, Alice, and Lucas Beineke, who are described as "straight arrow Midwesterners." The ensemble consists of a group of Addams Family ancestors, each from a different time period.


THE ADDAMS FAMILY features an original story, and it’s every father’s nightmare. Wednesday Addams, the ultimate princess of darkness, has grown up and fallen in love with a sweet, smart young man from a respectable family. A man her parents have never met. And if that weren’t upsetting enough, she confides in her father and begs him not to tell her mother. Now, Gomez Addams must do something he’s never done before — keep a secret from his beloved wife, Morticia. Everything will change for the whole family on the fateful night they host a dinner for Wednesday’s “normal” boyfriend and his parents.





Cast Size: Large (21 or more performers)

Cast Type: Ensemble Cast​


Generally, we at ACT-1 are open to gender-blind and re-gendered casting for nearly all roles. You should audition for the roles you are attracted to.

However, please choose roles that best reflect your talents. Sometimes we can slightly adjust the key of a character's solo song, but we prefer to keep accompaniment in the original key. As you get to know the show and the music, please pay attention to the characters' vocal ranges and required skill sets. Just because you like a role doesn't mean you are suited for it, and you want to have the strongest audition possible!

Carefully read the character descriptions and requirements below.


Character Breakdowns



Character's Gender: Various

Character's Age: Various

All chorus members will be assigned an Addams Family Ancestor "character" and therefore have their own cameo character to play.  Examples of the Ancestor characters are Bride, Groom, Stewardess, Saloon Girl, Flapper, Pilgrim, Conquistador, Caveman, Cavewoman, Soldier, Sailor, etc.

The ensemble has a very important role in The Addams Family. As descendants of the Addams lineage from various eras and locales, the Addams ancestors act as a backup chorus for multiple scenes and numbers.

Ensemble members should be talented singers, good character actors, and should be able to move well, as the ensemble will be required to dance in many songs. Various vocal ranges. 

Morticia Addams 

Character's Gender: Female

Character's Age: Adult

Morticia is the real 'head' of the Addams family, the matriarch. She is concerned her husband is hiding something, and will use all her wiles and tactics to lure his secret out.  An easy comedic actress with a sexy, dry wit.  She is glamorous; witty... and given to low-keyed rhapsodies about her garden of deadly nightshade, henbane, and dwarf's hair.  Although it may seem that Gomez has the most say in family dealings, Morticia’s influence over him proves that she’s really the one in charge. Elegant and gorgeous, Morticia sees only the good in everyone, and comes off as wiser for doing so. Her cool head and dry sense of humor help temper the flames of lust in Gomez, and bring tangibility to her fear of growing old.

A strong dancer / mover with alto / mezzo soprano vocals.

Must be a good dancer, have natural comedic timing, and sing well.



Wednesday Addams 

Character's Gender: Female

Character's Age: Teen

The goth teenage daughter of Gomez and Morticia, Wednesday leads with a dark cloud exterior, but deep down she has her father’s heart and her mother’s dry wit and sensibility. Wednesday finds love with a "normal" boy (Lucas) and wants to introduce his family to hers.  She is stuck between sticking with the traditions of the Addams family and moving forward with her relationship. Experiences the youthful drama that comes with first love – and will do just about anything to get her way!   Her dry sense of humor is reminiscent of her mother, but sometimes gives way into the manic episodes that show her humanity.

Strong Soprano/Mezzo-Soprano, with pop belt vocals. 

A good sense for sarcasm.



Character's Gender: Female

Character's Age: Old 

Grandmama Addams is a kooky elder, a feisty 102-year-old woman.  Fun and quirky, but don’t mess with Grandma.  This disrespectful old hag is the mother of Gomez... she willingly helps with the dishes, cheats at solitaire and is roughly dishonest... foolishly good-natured... fumbling, weak character... is easily fooled.  Grandma acts as the wise, if sometimes wacky, sage of the family. She helps Pugsley through his problems, and has a crass sense of humor. 

This is a great role for a comedic actress with strong character acting and charactery vocals.

Pugsley Addams

Character's Gender: Male

Character's Age: Child

Wednesday’s little brother, Pugsley is a danger-seeking, charming, funny, boy - who loves being tortured by his sister.  Wednesday’s relationship with Lucas has left Pugsley with separation anxiety. He wants to ensure he won’t lose Wednesday to her new boyfriend so he takes matters into his own hands.  An energetic monster of a boy... and a dedicated troublemaker. 

Strong, high vocals. 

This role is sometimes played by a girl because of the high tenor vocals. Best suited for unchanged male voices or females voices.

Gomez Addams 

Character's Gender: Male

Character's Age: Adult

The father of the Addams family.  Gomez takes great pride in his family and revels in all it means to be an "Addams."  He struggles with having to keep his daughter's secret from his wife, whom he adores more than death. He is pulled in different directions in order to appease them both. Smart, comedic actor with tenor vocals.  Husband to Morticia, if indeed they are married at all... a crafty schemer, but also a jolly man in his own way... though sometimes misguided... sentimental and often puckish - optimistic, he has full enthusiasm for his dreadful plots... is sometimes seen in a rather formal dressing gown.

Must have great comedic timing and a strong baritone singing voice. Should also be a good dancer. Spanish accent is a big plus.


Uncle Fester Addams

Character's Gender: Male

Character's Age: Uncertain

The narrator of the show, Uncle Fester serves as the musical's narrator.  He is larger than life, an energetic, joyous, child-like presence.  A vaudeville style comedian with tenor vocals.  Uncle Fester is incorrigible and except for the good nature of the family and the ignorance of the police, would ordinarily be under lock and key... the eyes are pig-like and deeply embedded... he likes to fish, but usually employs dynamite... he keeps falcons on the roof which he uses for hunting... his one costume, summer and winter is a black great coat with an enormous collar… a total character.

Vocal Range; C3 – G4 full voice tenor, and up to C5 in head voice.

 Must have a great sense of vaudevillian humor and comic timing, plus a strong tenor/baritone singing voice.

Ukulele skills are a plus!

Alice Beineke 

Character's Gender: Female

Character's Age: Adult

Mother of Lucas, devoted to her family so she puts aside her own desires. A typical suburban mom with typical suburban mom problems. Because of a cold relationship with her husband Mal, she has refocused her love on Lucas. She is prone to speaking in rhyme when upset.  While at the Addams Family dinner party, she drinks a potion that causes her to let her hair down and speak her truth.  


Comedic actress with soprano / belt vocals.


Mal Beineke 

Character's Gender: Male

Character's Age: Adult

Mal is Lucas’ stuffy father and an exasperated husband to his rhyming wife, Alice.  A typical conservative suburban father that’s cynical of life and especially the Addams family. Always looking out for his family.  Has difficulty accepting his reality and pretends to be better than others. At one time he was a follower of The Grateful Dead but has lost that side of himself. 

Male actor with high baritone / tenor vocals.

Lucas Beineke 

Character's Gender: Male

Character's Age: Teen

A hopeful romantic and the son of Mal and Alice Beineke, Lucas is the 'average' young man who has fallen in love with Wednesday Addams and plans to marry her.  The epitome of the love- torn teenager, Lucas experiences the youthful pain and drama of young love and struggles with the differences between his family and the Addams family.  He writes poetry and appears to be a traditionalist, but he harbors an unexpected crazy and dark side, and appreciates the macabre… which is why he gets along so well with the Addamses.

Must be a great pop/rock singer. Tenor/Baritone.

(Musical theatre tenor with some of this upper range in head voice)


Character's Gender: Male

Character's Age: Uncertain

Lurch is the Addams family butler, who knows all the family secrets.  A man of very few words, Lurch mostly responds in drawn out moans, groans and grunts — without becoming a cartoon version of himself.  His movement is always very slow.  

Must be a bass with a good singing voice for a small comic bit at the end.

Must have great non-verbal story-telling abilities

(think: facial expressions and sound).





We highly recommend that you watch the entire musical.  

Please watch this production on Youtube! It is shot well and is easy to follow.  Refer to it in terms of understanding the storyline - please do not copy these performances in your audition. Just use the link to learn what the story is about and familiarizing yourself with the characters and songs!

You may also want to check out the movie version (PG-13) or the television shows, (G), but as the stage production is based on the original cartoon, you'll get the best for feel for by watching the musical.   




Charles Addams is most widely known for the creation of The Addams Family, characters that formed the basis of the TV show which first appeared in 1964. Now famous, Morticia, Fester, Gomez, Wednesday, Pugsley, Grandmama, Lurch and Thing existed as various forms and aspects in Addams’ cartoons prior to the sitcom. It was in working with the idea of a television production that Addams coalesced a motley group of unnamed characters into the specific personages he then collectively called The Addams Family. The Addams characters appear in only about 50 Addams original works. The majority of his works are occupied by hundreds of other characters, from Aviators to Zoo Keepers. Addams themes deal as much with modern life as with ancient times and his topics span art, travel, relationships, the workplace, animals and children, to name a few.


Ghoulish, macabre demonic, depraved bizarre, eerie, and weird have all been used to describe cartoonish Charles Addams' work and the characters therein. Adorable, sweet, charming, humorous, enchanting, tender and captivating are also adjectives used to describe the same body of work, as well as the man himself, the extraordinary artist Charles Addams. His rare gift was the ability to enjoin such dichotomies in wonderfully crafted cartoons and drawings loved by millions worldwide.

Born in Westfield, New Jersey in 1912, he was just 21 years of age when the New Yorker first published his work. Addams went on to become one of that magazine’s marquee contributors until his death in 1988. His body of work spans almost 60 years of output and is estimated to contain several thousand works. Over 15 books of his drawing have been published do far, appearing in many languages across the globe. Addams works appear in a number of prestigious permanent collections including The New York Public Library, The Museum of the City of New York and The Library of Congress.

Production History


Numerous film and television adaptations of Addams' cartoons exist, but the musical, which is the first stage show based on the characters, is based upon the cartoons rather than the television and film characters.

After a tryout in Chicago in 2009,  the musical opened on Broadway in April 2010. The original cast featured Nathan Lane as Gomez and Bebe Neuwirth as Morticia.  The Broadway production closed on December 31, 2011, after 35 previews and 722 performances.  The production has won numerous awards including the Drama League Award and Drama Desk Award, as well as the Chicago production winning the Jeff Award.


  • Lippa said he wrote most of the score to match each character's personality.  This included giving Gomez a Flamenco-style Spanish score, Wednesday a more contemporary score, and Fester a vaudevillian score.  "Let's Not Talk About Anything Else but Love" is "jazzy/swingy/catchy" and "Happy/Sad" is a ballad reminiscent of Stephen Sondheim.

  • The Addamses are a satirical inversion of the ideal twentieth-century American family: an eccentric wealthy aristocratic clan who delight in the macabre and are seemingly unaware, or do not care, that other people find them bizarre or frightening.

  •  In 1964, a live-action television series, starring John Astin and Carolyn Jones, premiered on ABC and subsequently inspired a 1977 television film and cameos from the cast in other shows. Influenced by its growing cult following, an unrelated animated series aired in 1973.

  • The franchise was revived in the 1990s with a feature film series consisting of The Addams Family (1991) and Addams Family Values (1993). 


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