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Familiarize yourself with the musical. This is very important! Not to mention fun :) 
There are many versions on Youtube... the soundtrack is there too. There are many movie and TV show adaptations out there, but you'll get the best feel for our show by watching the musical itself.   


Whichever versions you watch, please refer to them in terms of understanding the storyline and the characters personalities and objectives - please do not copy these performances in your audition!

Your audition appointment will last approximately 10-15 minutes.
Here is what you should prepare for your audition:


Once you're familiar with the musical, choose two different characters that you feel you are right for or who you feel excited about the challenge of playing. (For character descriptions, go HERE.) 


Prepare at least 16 bars of a song they sing in the show (be sure to include the most difficult part of the song.)  You can use one of the suggested songs below, if you like. 


You will be singing this a capella, which means without accompaniment. 


You are permitted to bring a copy of your sheet music or lyrics into the room, but we would really like you to be memorized!  


It's very, very important that you make bold, exciting choices and give the character a strong personality - that is much more important to us than having you sing perfectly!  We can always change the key of the song for the right actor.  We want to see you act your song!

All of this music can be found online.  If you are having difficulty, send us a note.


Ancestor - "When You're An Addams"

Alice - "Waiting"

Morticia - "Just Around the Corner"

Wednesday - "Pulled" (from "puppy dogs" through the end)

Grandma - "When You're An Addams"

Pugsley - "What If"

Lucas - "Crazier Than You"

Mal - "Crazier Than You" 

Gomez - "Happy/Sad" or "Trapped" 

Fester - "The Moon and Me"

Lurch - his part in "Move Towards the Darkness"

Prepare the monologues for the two characters you chose. 


NOTE: These monologues are not edited, so if a parent would like to review them first and make some language edits, feel free. We will be using a cleaner version of the script for our younger cast.  


You are permitted to bring a copy of your sides in the room but we would really like you to be memorized!

Make interesting choices with your character!!!


  •  Auditions are competitive and roles are limited.  Knowledge of the music and the show is required. Show us what role you deserve.

  • We are looking to see you act a character through song and dance, as well as your musical proficiency and competency.

  • Be familiar with the style of the show and make clear choices.

  • Please do not merely imitate other actor's performances.

  • The keys to comedy are identifying the jokes, timing, being in the moment and making fresh choices!

  • When you get dressed and do your hair, try to match the persona of your character. It really helps!  This does not mean you should come in full costume (a suggestion of the character is the more professional route!). 

  • Wear shoes you can move in, because we might ask you to dance a little bit.  

  •  Break a leg!  We are rooting for you. 

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