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* Please pick a few songs that you're excited about!  Please select between 2 and 4 songs. 

* Write down the names here:

* It's okay if you see the song listed by multiple people - we will have more than one cast. 

* Find a quality instrumental backing track for your songs, in whatever key best suits your voice. Tracks are usually pretty easy to find on Youtube or If we can't find a backing track, we probably can't do the song. (Unless you're also a musician and can accompany yourself :) 

* Practice them and get them ready to show us... they don't have to be perfect! That's OUR job to help you finesse them over the next couple months! But we do want to get a really good idea of how the song sounds on your voice.... so work hard to make a strong impression! 

* If you need some help finding something, or you want to be paired up with someone in a duet or small group, please let us know ASAP!

* We made a Spotify Playlist full of great suggestions! You can check that out by clicking HERE. (Note: for younger students, this playlist is not "clean")


* We would like you to send us videos within one week of your registration. Sooner is better!

* Initial auditions are through video submissions only.

Once you've learned the songs, please video yourself singing each one separately. (Be sure to have great acting/facial expressions, this is not just about your voice, it's about the whole package!)

* On each of your clips, we would like you to take some time to explain to us WHY you chose that song specifically. You can talk about it before or after you sing.

* Please, do not email or text the entire file. Please upload each video separately, to Youtube or Vimeo on an unlisted link and send the links to (...if you don't know how to do that, let us know)


* We will be emailing you with suggestions about other songs to try!  Please trust our judgement and take a stab at what we're suggesting. There's something in you that we saw for those songs, and we want the show to be entertaining for our audience! 

* If you're not at all familiar with the show we are suggesting you look at, put in a little time checking out the plot on wikipedia, or otherwise doing a little research! It will help your performance. 

* Please send your videos in the same format as before (uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo). 

* Please include an introduction in each of your videos, explaining what it is you like about each of the new songs! 



* By the first week of February, we will be scheduling you individually to come in for an in-person callback, to hear you sing some of those songs and possibly show us some dance/movement. 

* You do not need your lyrics memorized when you show us the songs you picked (although that's REALLY great if you are! :)  You can have them printed. BUT DO NOT LOOK AT LYRICS ON YOUR PHONE, PLEASE!!!

* Be ready to sing and perform them to your best ability, especially if you're a brand new student and we don't yet know you at all!  

STEP FIVE: DECIDING (the hard part!)

* Our team (director, designers, producer, musical director) will ultimately be deciding what material you are performing in the show. Hopefully, we will have picked out your material before the first week of rehearsals! But for some of you, it may be a little more gradual as we continue to discover in actual rehearsals all the different ways you will be featured in the show. Please be patient as we create a killer show over the next few weeks and months!

* Each student will be performing in the opening number, closing number, their solo/duet, and will very likely be featured in at least one or two other numbers in the show. We have to be mindful of the run-time of the show and not make it too long :)


* Remember that as much as this is an exciting opportunity for YOU, we want to have the most entertaining show possible for our audiences as well. Energetic, comedic, upbeat material is always good, although ballads can be awesome too!  Any song with a lot of good acting moments and/or a character arc will make the most riveting experience for our audience and give you the most to sink your teeth into!  Songs that are too repetitive (like a lot of pop music) don't take us on an emotional journey and can tend to lose our audience's attention.


* You're going to be working on this material for the next few months. We recommend a song that feels like a good challenge (not too easy, not too hard). 


* Perhaps keep the audience on their toes by doing a unique arrangement of a song everyone's heard 100 times, doing new material they may not know, or even doing a gender flip. We encourage you to look at songs sung by both males and females.


* The great thing about these revues is that you can play roles that you would NEVER actually get to play in a show. Consider roles from musicals that are not often produced, or musicals where the rights might not come out for a very long time!  


* If you want to sing with another person, but don't know who, we might be able to find a song partner for you. Don't let that stop you! 

* If you have other special talents (play an instrument, are a dancer, love Shakespeare, etc) we would love to try to feature that somehow in the show. 


Excited to hear back from you!


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