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We are always available to answer any questions you might have about our program... but chances are, your question is already here!  If it's not, head to our CONTACT page and get in touch!



  • To enroll in a production, you must register with a nonrefundable deposit.  You may pay the balance of your tuition on a schedule that is comfortable for you.

  • Sessions typically open for enrollment about 1-2 months before the session begins.  

  • Registration will close when auditions begin (or sooner, if the session fills up). 

  • Attendance is crucial to the success of the show, however, we can be flexible with most any schedule conflict if you let us know before the session begins.  (Students MUST be present for mandatory tech rehearsals and, of course, the shows!)



  •  We encourage our students to be very prepared, showing character work and research, and memorizing their material, so they can give the best audition that they can. 

  • There are many factors that go into casting, including: talent, attitude, the desire and enthusiasm to work hard, preparation for auditions, the best fit for a role (which is not always the "best" singer/dancer/actor), availability, taking direction, and working well with other cast members. Factors that do not go into casting are: pressure from parents, how much money or time parents donate to the program, who had the lead in prior shows, how old the student is, what roles the student had in professional or outside productions, and what agent/manager/casting director will be coming to the show.

  • Any student may be cast in the ensemble, as a lead, or anything in-between, no matter if it's their first or twentieth production with us. Some students may have a leading role in one session and/or an ensemble role in another. No performer is ever right for the lead in every show, and learning all areas of being in a production is important to their education. We cast our students where we feel they belong in that particular production, with very little regard to parts they've done with us previously. 

  • Although some "lead" parts are bigger than "ensemble" roles, children who participate in the ensemble often have more stage time than the principals do! During the rehearsal process many ensemble players are assigned solo parts, or are featured in dance numbers. After casting, please encourage your children to be enthusiastic about their roles, and please discourage them from counting their lines. 

  • Casting decisions are made by our entire creative team, not by only one person. Decisions are final!

  • Our students are understanding, respectful and work hard to shine in whatever part they are given. Please be positive and supportive if they are disappointed by the casting choices. If you set a positive tone for them, they will follow suit! If you react negatively to the casting of the show, they are likely to, as well.

  • We do not discuss our casting decisions with parents. We ask that you trust our experienced directors and staff to place your child in a part that is right for them and right for the production! 

  • After casting, if students would like to receive some feedback, they are welcome to approach us after the table read. We will let them know what they could improve on for future auditions!



  • ACT-1 provides scripts and music. Students are required to bring a pencil, paper and their script to all rehearsals.

  •  Students are not allowed to leave at any time during class time, rehearsals and performances.

  •  Cell phones are not allowed during rehearsals or shows. Devices can be checked during designated breaks. If you need to reach your child during a rehearsal, we ask that you contact (818) 915-8527. 

  •  A weekly rehearsal schedule is emailed. At each rehearsal, we review all of the material that was previously learned. All lines and lyrics, music & choreography must be memorized from the previous rehearsal. We expect all students to take the time to review and practice at home in order to retain what's been taught.

  • All students should bring water bottles clearly labeled with their names. Arrive to rehearsal having had a recent meal. Please don't bring full meals for snack breaks, or arrive to rehearsal expecting to be able to eat right away! We do have a snack bar with items for sale. 

  •  Dress code for rehearsals: come ready to move! Leggings, or loose fitting pants or shorts - please, no skirts or tight fitting jeans. Bottoms should be comfortable and easy to move in.  Shoes must be closed toed. NO FLIP FLOPS OR HEAVY BOOTS!  Sneakers are fine, as are ballet, jazz or character shoes.


  •  Drop-off at the front of the building. Do not let your child cross the street unattended. Please do not drop your child off in the alley. 

  • There is no outside adult supervision for drop-off, so parents are strongly encouraged to walk their children in to rehearsal.

  • Students may arrive up to 15 minutes prior to the beginning of class, but please make sure there is a teacher on site before you leave. 

  • Please arrive on time for pick up. If we have to wait for you with your children, you will be charged a fee.

  • If you cannot arrive on time or drop off or pick up, please text us immediately with your ETA, so we know when to expect you!


  • It's essential for parents and students to check and respond to their email daily, as communication is essential to the program's success!

  • It is also essential that our students practice at home, using the provided scripts, sheet music, rehearsal tracks, etc.  It's okay if students don't want to practice with (or in front of) family members, but please do check in with them to make sure that they are practicing regularly.  

  •  If your child does want your help, go over their lines and their cue lines as well. (A cue line is the line directly before they speak.) Also, we suggesting helping them to learn the plot of each scene. You can start by asking him or her what is happening in the scene. This will help your child memorize their lines with an idea of what the scene is actually about.

  • We also require parents to help the production in various ways: costuming, photography, graphic design, helping backstage or in the front of the theatre, etc. There are many different opportunities to help, for different skill sets, interest, and time commitments. 


  • All schedule conflicts need to be revealed before auditions happen. We are very accommodating of conflicts, as long as we know them in advance. We ask in return that once the show is cast, additional conflicts are not added unless in an emergency situation. 

  • When a student is ill or there is a family emergency, the producer must be notified as soon as possible. This gives us time to adjust the rehearsal schedule if possible.

  • The student must reach out to another student to have them take notes/record vocals/notate blocking etc. This is the responsibility of the student to catch up to what they've missed. There isn't time to review missed material with each individual student. If they miss too much, the student may need to schedule a paid private lesson to catch up to what is missed. 

  • Missing more than three rehearsals in a session MAY result in a students lines/part being given to another student. 


  • Tech rehearsals are mandatory - no exceptions. All dress rehearsals and shows are also mandatory. You must book out with your agent. 

  • If you miss a tech rehearsal or dress rehearsal, your part may be immediately recast with no refund in tuition. 

  • Each student will be in 1 or 2 casts. We will ask your preferences. Each cast performs between 3-5 times. 

  • There will be a pre-sale time for tickets where each ACT-1 family can purchase a limited number of tickets for each show. This is to ensure that each family has tickets. After the presale, there will be a general release of tickets where families can purchase additional tickets. 

  • All seating is general admission. 

  • Photography and videography is STRICTLY prohibited. You may purchase photos/recordings from us directly after the show. 


Q: How often do you have shows?

A: ACT-1 does about three or four productions a year.  Typically each session is about three months long from the first day of auditions to the final performance. 

Q: I have a 13 year old but she doesn't want to perform with younger kids.  What are the ages of your students? 

A: Our students are between 3-18 years of age.  

For our productions, we have a Teen and a JR program, however sometimes our ages are mixed depending on the show.  Inquire for more info.

Q: Are your students professional actors, or just regular kids? 

A: We have both.  Some of our kids have agents and work in the business, but most of them do this just or fun.  It's just another one of their hobbies.  About a third of our students go to a performing arts school. We love the diverse group of kids that come to ACT-1!

Q: Where do you rehearse?

A: Our rehearsal location is in Sherman Oaks. We are renters of a community facility at approximately Ventura and Van Nuys Blvd (14401 Dickens Street). Our second rehearsal location is in Reseda. 

Q: Where do you perform your shows?

A:  We rent whatever professional local theatre that best meets our needs for that production,  from The Madrid Theatre in Canoga Park (430 seats) to any number of the 99-seat theatres in the SFV.  The kids perform on the same stages that professional adult actors perform on regularly.  We have staged our shows at theatre such as The Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks, Theatre 68 in North Hollywood, The Road Theatre in North Hollywood, The Lonny Chapman Group Repertory Theatre in North Hollywood, and The Grove Theatre Center in Burbank -- just to name a few!  

Q: I've seen children's shows that are cute, but the show itself and the educational aspects lack quality. How do I know this won't be the same kind of thing? 

A: We invite you to see our testimonials page, our Yelp page, and look at our galleries.  We have a reputation for being one of the best children's theatre companies in the Greater Los Angeles area, with high quality, Broadway-inspired shows! We are extremely selective about hiring teaching artists who are not only experienced and talented in their craft, but who have extensive experience teaching and teaching youth. Our goal is always to provide a safe, nurturing yet challenging environment - and our students always rise to the occasion and give a wonderful performance! 

Q: I've had some recent financial hardships this year. Do you ever grant scholarships?

A: Yes, every session we offer scholarships to families who qualify. We believe that everyone deserves to share in the transformative magic of theatre no matter what their financial situation!

Please see this page for information, so that you can get started with the application process.

Q: What does my child need to prepare for auditions?

A: It depends on the production, but at minimum they will need to sing for us. They will likely have sides to prepare as well, and sometimes there's some dancing involved. Although we run auditions in a professional manner, we also try to make it fun and supportive! We understand how nerve-wracking the audition process can be, and we are rooting for you!

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