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COVID-19 information

Below you will find information on ACT-1's protocols as of Nov 19, 2021. Please note that this is an ever changing environment and we will continue to update as we get updates from the CDC!

In-person group sizes will be a Maximum of 24 students (not including two Directors).

Our staff is fully vaccinated. 

If your student is fully vaccinated, please send us a copy of his/her vaccination record.  


1) Testing: 

Regardless of vaccination status, all students will be required to show proof of a negative Covid-19 test each week for class.​

How to show proof of negative COVID-19 TEST:

Step 1: When checking your child in, you will need to check a box stating that their test was negative. Though you will be asked to check this box each rehearsal day, the actual test only needs to be completed once per week.

Step 2:  You will also need to send ACT-1 (via email) a photo of your negative COVID-19 test. This will only be seen by you and ACT-1's administrators.​ The student's full name must appear clearly on the negative test.


Accepted Types of proof:

  1. photo of an OTC at-home rapid test (please write student's full name and the date on the test).

  2. Doctor's office test

  3. PCR test site (can be Rapid)

STUDENTS AGES 12+ that are fully vaccinated will still need to show proof of a negative Covid-19 test.

2) Masks:

* During all indoor and outdoor rehearsals, all students and staff will be required to wear face masks (unless having a drink of water). Please follow CDC guidelines around proper mask wearing (both nose and mouth are covered, and the mask fits securely around those two areas).

* If you'd like to purchase a mask that allows for your child's facial expressions to be seen, there are some here. 

* The one exception to this is while singing/performing: if you are fully vaccinated and can observe social distancing of 8 feet+ from others, you may remove your mask for the duration of the song. In this case, we ask that you still wear a plastic face shield.

3) Distancing:

* For rehearsals, we will be masked but it will not always be possible to socially distance.

* For break time, students may go outdoors. If you remove your mask for having a drink or a snack, please observe a distance of 6 feet.

4) Health Screening Form:

* Before every in-person rehearsal, please fill out our Covid Health Screening Form. Anyone with Covid symptoms or a temperature above 100.4 will not be allowed in the building.

4) Travel Advisory:

* Notify ACT-1 if you plan to travel.

* Please get tested 3-5 days after your return and before returning to ACT-1. 

5) Other Safety Precautions:

* Parents, please do not come in to the rehearsal space.

* We ask that all families remain socially distanced from each other while waiting to enter the building/leaving the building.


* If a student at ACT-1 tests positive, whether symptomatic or asymptomatic, they will be immediately removed from class and mandated to quarantine according to CDC guidelines. They will be allowed to return in person after the quarantine, with a negative PCR test, and symptom-free. Until that time, they may attend rehearsal through Zoom.​

* ACT-1 will follow official guidelines in regards to the potential isolation of the exposed cast.




1) Testing: 

Regardless of vaccination status, all students will be required to show proof of a negative Covid-19 test 72 hours before coming into the theatre for Tech Week (Monday, Dec 6).

2) Masks:

Once we are in the theatre (beginning Dec 6), we will not be using masks while performing on stage. Masks will be required off stage and any time a student is not performing. 

3) Distancing:

*Once we are in the theatre (beginning Dec 6), students will not be observing social distancing. 

*The audience will be a minimum of 10 feet from the cast during performances. 

4) Health Screening Form:

Please continue to fill out the form each day. 

5) Other Safety Precautions:

​* Out of consideration, all students are asked to quarantine and take special precautions around their health and exposure for the 10 days leading up to the performance week (starting Nov 26). 

* Hair/wigs and makeup must be applied prior to arrival for the dress rehearsals and shows.



1) Masks:

All audience members will be required to wear masks over their mouth and nose, with no exceptions. For detailed mask information, please click here.


2) Vaccinations:

* All audience members must be fully vaccinated and will be required to show proof of their vaccination status (with a photo ID).


Vaccine Exemptions: 

1)  Audience members age 11 and under may show proof of vaccination, but must have received their final dose at least 14 days prior to the show date.  If that is not possible, they can provide a negative COVID-19 PCR test result, taken in the 72 hours prior to the show. Their name must appear on the test.  Free Covid testing can be arranged at:

2) Anyone who is eligible for vaccination, but opting out for medical or religious reasons will be required to provide proof of such medical or religious exemption. They must submit this request 72 hours before the show (we will not be able to review exemptions at the door) by emailing the request to Such exemptions will be approved or denied in our sole discretion.





If state guidelines change and prevent ACT-1 from rehearsing/performing in person, the session will be moved to our online platform.  If that happens, we encourage all families to make the move with us! However, if participating online is not realistic for your family, you may receive a refund if the switch happens before the session begins, or a prorated refund if the switch happens during the session.


Head to our contact page! 

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