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Good Rehearsal Practices:

When you see that you are on the schedule to learn a new song or new choreography/blocking, you should get as familiar as you can with the song/scene before that date. Get yourself 80-100% memorized on the song we are working on, and 100% memorized on any dialogue in any scenes we are blocking, in advance of that rehearsal.

That will help us move a lot faster, so that we can concentrate on fine-tuning or assigning harmonies instead of working from scratch. It will also help blocking a scene to move much faster if you're memorized and not holding your script!

By the way... part of preparation IS KNOWING WHAT YOUR SONG/SCENE IS ABOUT!!! :)

Don't skip this very important step --- make sure you look up any vocab words/phrases/concepts you don't understand. 

When we review previously taught material, our expectation is for you to be OFF BOOK and have retained what we learned the last time. In order for you to retain what you've learned, you will need to PRACTICE regularly at home!!!  Thank you!

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